Itsherlife Deluxe Booty Bundle

The Deluxe Booty  Bundle Deal includes(1) Hip Band Set • 2 Band Levels Options ”Medium —15”x3”Large—17”x3” (1) PANCAKE TO POUND CAKE - 4 Week Program:(1) 7 Days of Glute Workout- Digital Format(1) FREE Arm &Back Video Guide((1) Itsherlife Booty Nutrition Guide  -Digital 4 WEEKS OF LIFTING, TONING AND SCULPTING THE BOOTY !ADDITIONAL BENEFITS:🔥 Full Body Workout🔥Shrinks Waistline.🔥 Burn fat , Build strength , Muscle and Flexibility🔥 Workout Anywhere , Anytime (1) ITSHERLIFE BANDS Your set includes:-A Black carrying bag-4 resistance bands with increasing levels:• Light• Medium• Heavy• X-Heavy

Chicago, IL

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